Cerro el Cuberillo Collection 2014 Rudeles

4.3 sterren - 1 professionele reviews
€ 291,70   - € 264,00 (excl. BTW)
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Rudeles - Cerro el Cuberillo Collection 2014
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Classificatie Cru Classe
Wijnsoort Rood
Producent Rudeles
Jaar 2014
Land Spanje
Streek Ribera del Duero
Inhoud 0,75
Conditie Perfect
Etiket Perfect
Voorraad 4

Professionele reviews

BOW (8.5)

At an altitude of 950 meters above sea level, you find the vineyards of El Cuberillo. The vines are positioned to exploit the few months of summer and hot conditions to the max, making sure the grapes will ripe in the most optimal way. Only in stellar vintages will the Cerro el Cuberillo be released, and 2014 was certainly a good vintage

Nose: hints of wood, vanilla and black fruits such as Cassis, cherries and plums.
Taste: more spices in the flavour like laurel, also hints of tobacco and some more black fruits. There is a perfect balance between the acidity and the tannins, making this wine powerful, but not overwhelmingly.
Finish: A long silky smooth finish that keeps for well over a minute.

The 2015 vintage certainly is another good example of a great vintage for Ribera del Duero. 2015 can be described in two words: 'Hot' and 'Dry'. This means that the vines really needed to make an effort and that the older vines, with their roots deep in the soil, produced some of the best fruit. Especially with vines of over 100 years old, these were optimal conditions for the Cerro el Cuberillo.

Nose: wonderful fruitiness with hints of blackberries, cherries and plum, but also some pleasant hints of coffee.
Taste: rather complex, yet velvety. Along the black fruit, also some hints of liquorice. The smooth tannins turn this in a very harmonious wine.
Finish: long, but keeps very smooth and silky.

Nose: though the wine is still relatively closed, the nose already offers whifs of dark fruits, spices and some beautifully integrated hints of wood.
Taste: after some time decanting, hints of vanilla, black fruits (cassis, blackberries). A fresh acidity developes, the balance shows this wine will get better with time.
Drinking window: 2025-2040

Rudeles - Cerro el Cuberillo Collection 2014

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