Auchnagie vintage The Lost Distillery Company Batch 1 46% NAS

4.5 sterren - 2 professionele reviews
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Distileerderij Auchnagie
Bottelaar The Lost Distillery Company
Serie Batch 1
Gebotteld voor
Gedistilleerd op Not Specified
Gebotteld 2013
Land Schotland
Streek Schotland
Leeftijd Not Specified
Cask Type
Alcohol percentage 46
Inhoud 0,70
Conditie Perfect
Etiket Perfect
Voorraad 1

Professionele reviews

Serge Valentin (86)

'A present day interpretation' of the long gone Auchnagie malt whisky (distillery was closed in 1911). I'm sorry but I'm not able to refute any of that as I've never tasted Auchnagie. Have you?

Colour: straw.

Nose: what's striking is the 'old' style indeed, this baby's not unlike some long forgotten grains and apples in an old cellar, near an old coal pile and quite some rusty old tools. Behind all that, some fudge, ale and caramel. Nice nose.

Mouth: well made, this is citrusy at first sips, becoming then rather fatter but there's always this zesty side. A little vanilla to coat all this, a few salty touches, rocks and gravel, a very mild peatiness and a few mirabelle plums. Very well composed, I have to say. Finish: good length, on vanilla, zesty fruits and a little clay.

Comments: whether this tastes like Auchnagie, I couldn't tell you, but indeed the style is 'old', partly because of the mild peatiness. A very smart blend, I think.

BOW (88)

Auchnagie Vintage: Rediscovering the Past with The Lost Distillery Company Batch 1
In the world of whisky, there's a certain allure to the forgotten and the elusive. The Lost Distillery Company has taken this fascination to a whole new level with their Batch 1 release of Auchnagie Vintage, a carefully crafted recreation of a long-lost distillery. This expression, bottled in 2013 at 46%, is a testament to the artistry and dedication that goes into reviving the spirits of yesteryear.

The Lost Distillery Company:
Founded on the premise of breathing life into forgotten distilleries, The Lost Distillery Company has made a name for itself by meticulously researching and recreating the essence of historical whisky producers. Auchnagie, a distillery that closed its doors in the early 1900s, is one such gem that has been resurrected through the Batch 1 release.
The Revival of Auchnagie:
Auchnagie Vintage Batch 1 is not just a whisky; it's a journey back in time. The Lost Distillery Company has invested years in researching Auchnagie's original production methods, ingredients, and maturation processes. By combining historical records, tasting notes, and the expertise of master blenders, they've successfully recreated the long-lost flavors of Auchnagie.
Tasting Notes:
Upon uncorking a bottle of Auchnagie Vintage, one is immediately transported to a bygone era. The nose is rich with floral undertones, reminiscent of heather and meadows in full bloom. The palate delivers a symphony of flavors—subtle hints of orchard fruits, a touch of honey, and a gentle warmth that lingers.
The 46% ABV adds depth to the experience without overpowering the delicate nuances. Auchnagie Vintage is a whisky that demands to be savored, encouraging enthusiasts to take their time and appreciate the craftsmanship that went into its recreation.
Packaging and Presentation:
The Lost Distillery Company pays homage to Auchnagie not only through the liquid but also in the packaging. The label design and bottle shape echo the aesthetic of the historical distillery's era, creating a visually stunning collector's item. Each detail, from the font choice to the imagery, is a nod to Auchnagie's heritage.
Auchnagie Vintage Batch 1 by The Lost Distillery Company stands as a remarkable example of how passion and precision can bring back the essence of a lost distillery. For whisky connoisseurs and history enthusiasts alike, this expression offers a rare opportunity to taste the past.
As you pour a dram of Auchnagie Vintage, you're not just enjoying a whisky; you're indulging in the revival of a forgotten masterpiece, a sip of history meticulously recreated by The Lost Distillery Company.

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