Glen Garioch 8 Years Old Dràm Mòr Cask 2698 58.4% NV

3.9 sterren - 3 professionele reviews
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Distileerderij Glen Garioch
Bottelaar Dràm Mòr
Gebotteld voor
Gedistilleerd op Not Specified
Gebotteld 24.10.2019
Land Schotland
Streek Highlands
Leeftijd 8
Cask Type Refill Bourbon Hogshead
Vatnummer 2698
Alcohol percentage 58.4
Inhoud 0,70
Etiket Perfect

Professionele reviews

BOW (87)

Serge Valentin (87)

Glen Garioch 8 yo 2011/2018 (58.4%, Dram Mor, refill bourbon hogshead, cask #2698, 240 bottles) Four stars
Aqua-vitae ex-machina, I suppose. Colour: straw. Nose: ah, some smoke! Coal smoke, burning grasses and leaves, preserved artichokes, green peppercorn, old newspapers, some rosemary, candlewax, garage floor… Yeah, to each his own. With water: hey, chalk! Wonderful. Mouth (neat): oh very good! A touch of coconut for starters (no problems) and then sweet herbs, agaves, greengages, that flatbread they have in many middle-eastern countries, ginseng powder… I think I really like this. With water: excellent, top-notch distillate, fatter and 'rather a little phenolic'. Finish: long, same. Lovely. Peaches. Comments: doesn't 'Dram Mor' mean 'drink a lot'? Not sure I agree with that motto, but this is more proof that they've tried to get back to the ancient style at GG – without the 1980's lavender that is. A superb little mor-e-ish drop.

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Words Of Whisky:

Vanilla at first, followed by olive brine, lemon peel, crème brûlée and a touch of wood glue. Maybe a touch of bay leaf and other herbs. Naked and balanced.
Touches of charred oak and a sliver of chalk, but also nectarine, ginger, dark spices, and macadamia nuts. There's even a bitter hint of espresso. Quite a 180 compared to the nose, which certainly keeps it interesting.
Lingering spices and a touch of milk chocolate.

Glen Garioch - 8 Years Old Dràm Mòr Cask 2698 58.4% NV

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