Laphroaig 10 Years Old Cask Strength Batch #003 55.3% NV

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Laphroaig 10 Years Old Cask Strength Batch #003 55.3% NV

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Distileerderij Laphroaig
Bottelaar OB
Serie Cask Strength
Gebotteld voor
Gedistilleerd op Not Specified
Gebotteld 01.2011
Land Schotland
Streek Islay
Leeftijd 10
Cask Type
Vatnummer Batch #003
Alcohol percentage 55.3
Inhoud 0,70
Conditie In originele verpakking
Etiket Perfect
Voorraad 1
Inhoud 0,70
Conditie In originele verpakking
Etiket Perfect
Voorraad 0

Professionele reviews

BOW (89.50)

Laphroaig Cask Strength Batch #003: An Intense Journey into Islay's Heart

Laphroaig, the iconic Islay distillery known for its bold and peaty single malt Scotch whisky, has a reputation that precedes it. Among the many expressions that have captured the hearts of whisky enthusiasts, the Laphroaig Cask Strength Batch #003 stands out as a testament to the distillery's uncompromising commitment to producing robust and flavorful whisky. Bottled at a formidable 55.3% ABV in January 2011, this expression offers a powerful and unadulterated glimpse into the heart of Islay's whisky heritage.

The Laphroaig Legacy

Laphroaig, situated on the rugged shores of Islay, is known for its distinctive peatiness and maritime character. The distillery's history dates back to the early 19th century, and it has remained steadfast in its dedication to traditional methods of whisky production. The result is a range of expressions that are beloved by whisky aficionados and connoisseurs worldwide.

The Cask Strength Batch #003 pays homage to this legacy while pushing the boundaries of intensity and flavor.

Uncompromising Strength

At 55.3% ABV, the Laphroaig Cask Strength Batch #003 is not for the faint of heart. This whisky is a powerhouse of flavor, with every drop delivering an intense and unforgettable experience. It's a bold statement from Laphroaig, emphasizing the natural character of the spirit without dilution or compromise.

When nosing this expression, one is immediately greeted with the iconic Laphroaig aroma of peat smoke and seaweed, followed by hints of medicinal notes and a touch of brine. It's a sensory journey that transports you to the wild and untamed shores of Islay.

The Taste of Islay

On the palate, the Laphroaig Cask Strength Batch #003 showcases the full spectrum of Islay's flavor profile. The peatiness is front and center, enveloping the taste buds with a rich and smoky intensity. Yet, there is depth and complexity beyond the peat, with notes of vanilla, caramel, and oak emerging as the whisky unfolds.

As you savor each sip, you'll notice an interplay of sweet and savory, with a subtle maritime salinity that lingers on the finish. It's a taste of Islay in its purest and most unadulterated form, a celebration of the rugged beauty and rich heritage of the island.

Collectors and Enthusiasts' Delight

The Laphroaig Cask Strength Batch #003 is not just a whisky; it's a collector's dream and an enthusiast's delight. Released in limited quantities, it has become a sought-after gem in the world of Scotch whisky. Its rarity and uncompromising strength make it a prized possession in the collections of whisky enthusiasts who appreciate the bold and unapologetic character of Laphroaig.


The Laphroaig Cask Strength Batch #003 is a whisky that leaves an indelible mark on the palate and memory. It's a testament to the distillery's unwavering commitment to its heritage and the unapologetic celebration of Islay's essence. Whether enjoyed by the dram or cherished as a collector's item, this expression captures the intensity and flavor that have made Laphroaig a legendary name in the world of Scotch whisky.

With its formidable strength and rich complexity, the Laphroaig Cask Strength Batch #003 is a bold invitation to explore the heart of Islay and experience the magic of this iconic distillery in its purest form. It's a journey into the rugged beauty and peaty depths that define Laphroaig, making it a cherished treasure for those who dare to embrace the power of Islay's whisky heritage.

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