Caol Ila 28 Years Old WhiskyNerds Cask 13129 48% 1990

4.2 sterren - 4 professionele reviews
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Caol Ila - 28 Years Old WhiskyNerds Cask 13129 48% 1990
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Distileerderij Caol Ila
Bottelaar WhiskyNerds
Serie X
Gebotteld voor X
Gedistilleerd op 13.11.1990
Gebotteld 11.02.2019
Land Schotland
Streek Islay
Leeftijd 28
Cask Type Refill Oloroso
Vatnummer 13129
Alcohol percentage 48
Inhoud 0,70
Conditie NO OC
Etiket Perfect
Voorraad 7

Professionele reviews

BOW (91)

I’ve had it in front of me while writing the introduction above, and there’s quite a lot of ashy smoke, with a fruity sweetness coming from the glass. Very promising. Tropical yellow fruit and little to no bite on the nose. I get pineapple, apple, all rather crisp. A hint of oak, with a very slight salinity. The smoke gets a bit of an engine grease scent, which I like in Caol Ila.

The palate is quite gentle, but has more oak than the nose. Still not a lot though. Mostly fruity with a smoky scent. Like eating pineapple with the barbecue dying out. A hint of grill-grease. A tad sweet, a tad dry, very gentle and no flavors overpowering anything else. A very well balanced palate. Apple, maybe some almond slices. Quite coastal too, which adds a bit of depth.

The finish veers towards the smoke a little bit more. It’s slightly drier than I expected with oak, and maybe some nutmeg. A hint of apple, and something more sweet that I can’t put a name to.

This is a gentle giant. There are no big flavors, but the balance is stellar. It has a very old fashioned style with the retained smoke and gentle fruity flavors. Nowadays, most Islay whiskies go big on the smoke and this is actually a lot nicer.

I absolutely love the whisky, and when I heard Bram and Floris were bottling a Caol Ila I knew I was in for something good. I know they love whiskies like this, and luckily I do too. Stellar stuff.

Serge Valentin (88)

Excuse me? Could a 1990 be 28 already? Are we sure? Wasn’t 1990 just yesterday, for crying out loud?

Colour: gold.

Nose: stating that Caol Ila ages gracefully is beating a dead horse. Quince jelly, pâte de lemon (I swear I’ve seen that in a shop window in Scotland), embrocations, hessian, kelp, kippers, mercurochrome, sea water, a wee drop of pastis, fresh almonds, tinned anchovies and sardines… Everything’s well in place!

Mouth: takes off slowly but surely, with perhaps a little more soft green oak than expected, rather a lot of tobacco, some sour chutney, more and more salt, and a feeling of bouillon, perhaps. Mussels stewed in almond milk, did anyone try that yet? Some liquorice wood too.

Finish: medium, really very maritime, with a discreet lactic side and some sour/bitter herbal teas.

Comments: excellent, perhaps just a little more fragile and uncertain than other old CIs that are usually more assertive. Was it reduced?

(Edit: No it Wasn't)

Gal Granov (90)

words Of Whisky:

Nose: Sweet and savoury with a delicate, but incredible balance. Lots of little intricacies here, that interplay wonderfully well. Briny, with hints of rubber gloves, wet pebbles, and peat smoke. There’s a touch of glazed barbecued steak as well. All of this coated by a thin layer of redcurrant and strawberry. Finally a touch of aniseed even.
Taste: Fairly salty and briny, with a touch of cured meat and soft peat smoke, followed by a whiff of cigar tobacco and menthol. A bit of licorice too, as well as a subtle spiciness.
Finish: Lingering menthol and subtle peat smoke, and finally a touch of orchard fruits. Medium to long.

OTHER (91)

very forthcoming, warm and sweet, quite thick and custardy. A lot of paraffin, hints of Tiger balm, almonds and wet hay. Stables. Olive brine. Hints of cigarette smoke. Sweetened mint tea. Light pepper and aniseed as well.

Mouth: rather big and bold, feels more than 48%. Again sweet and oily but also quitesalty. A fruity base (peach, golden apple) moving towards lemon peel, limoncello and chlorophyll. Green olives again.

Finish: long, on lemon and salt.

Punchy, balanced, with a big coastal side but a sweet fruity core as well. Quality is very high again.

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