Mosstowie 34 Years Old The Ultimate Cask 1355 51,5% 1979

3.7 sterren - 2 professionele reviews
€ 330,00 (excl. BTW)
399,30 (in. BTW)
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Distileerderij Mosstowie
Bottelaar The Ultimate
Serie Rare Reserve
Gebotteld voor Van Wees
Gedistilleerd op 06.02.1979
Gebotteld 04.06.2013
Land Schotland
Streek Speyside
Leeftijd 34
Cask Type Bourbon Barrel
Cask Nummer 1355
Alcohol percentage 51.5
Inhoud 0,70
Conditie Perfect
Etiket Perfect
Voorraad 2

Professionele reviews

Serge Valentin (86)

Purveyors Signatory Vintage already had some excellent 1979s, I especially remember a cask #1305 that was great (WF 88). Lomond stills used to impart a very specific kind of fruitiness – think Inverleven’s Lomond still.

Colour: straw. Nose: macchiato and butterscotch for a start, then whiffs of sour wood (fallen trees in a dump forest) and a lot of green tea. Rubbed fern. With water: no, it’s some pure sawdust that comes out. No water in this!

Mouth (neat): really very good indeed. It’s no bold whisky, but it’s got a kind of herbal structure that works very well. Linden, chamomile tea, certainly some eucalyptus leaves that you would chew on… It’s very different from any other kinds of malts (while I have to confess I’ve forgotten how Kinclaith used to taste), but it’s excellent. Mentholy apples? With water: water work rather better on the palate. Sour apples, even sweet potatoes…

Finish: medium, a tad sawdusty, but there’s also this very engaging kind of herbalness, between verbena and lemongrass.

Comments: a forgotten style. Try to catch one before they become totally undiscoverable. Not that they were very seminal, having said that…

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