Brora 14th Release 37 Years Old Limited Edition 2015 50.4% 1977

4.7 sterren - 3 professionele reviews
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Distileerderij Brora
Bottelaar OB
Serie Diageo Special Releases 2015
Gebotteld voor
Gedistilleerd op 1977
Gebotteld 2015
Land Schotland
Streek Northern Highlands
Leeftijd 37
Cask Type Refill American White Oak Hogsheads
Vatnummer Bottle code L5132DQ000
Alcohol percentage 50.4%
Inhoud 0,70
Conditie In Original Container
Etiket Perfect

Professionele reviews

Serge Valentin (95)

High expectations, high expectations… Especially since the 35 yo bottled in 2013 was a 1977 as well, and fetched a well-deserved 95 points mark in my little book. Colour: gold. Nose: Brora seems to be indestructible. I can well imagine in 2037, on Whiskyfun, a 65 years old 1972 Special Release being tasted. Stocks are said to be low, but they always said that, and they still managed to vat around ten casks this year. The result is amazing, curiously softer than the G&M and more herbal, more coastal as well, and perhaps a little smokier too. Less sherry for sure, so less tobacco and chocolate. There are the trademark farmy touches (hay), then oysters and chartreuse, then more resinous notes, between pinesap and artisan absinth. Astounding complexity, as expected. With water: superb sappy oil extracts. Old candle, linoleum, bandages, embrocations, verbena, wormwood… and mud. Mouth (neat): huge, ashy, almost drying, in a good way. This one reminds us that 1977 was still a peaty year at Brora. More absinth, tarry smoke, liquorice, salted fish, with a mouth feel that’s becoming oilier and creamier. Touches of salted chestnut honey, which gives it a Chinese side, in a way. Huge whisky. With water: exceptional. Dry, coastal, liquoricy, herbal, both fat and chiselled. The best cough syrup ever. Finish: perhaps not extremely long, but all these herbs, liquorice and cough drops just work in sync. It’s the freshness that’s most impressive. Comments: one of 2015’s grands crus, no doubt, together with some of the Karuizawas. Hey, next time, could someone sell a blend of Karuizawa and Brora? You could call it either Karuibrora or Brorazawa. I’m sure that would make it to 97 points if it’s well made, serious. Hint, hint, John Glaser… In any case, this one beats last year’s in my book.

Words of Whisky (96)

BOW (96)

Last week I was able to taste the Brora 37 Years Old Special release 2015 50.4% at the Diageo headquarters.
Tasting notes for the Brora:
Nose: Lichtly peated. A pleasant smoldering heather fire. A little hay, but not to overwhelming. More grassy with time. You can definably smell old leather and black thee, more like a” Lapsang souchong” black thee. Really pleasant and complex nose. 24/25
Mouth: Don’t we all love licorice? It also contains some herbal notes like laurel and stable tones. Again the pleasant smoldering peat and lapsang black thee. The taste evolves to a more hazelnut like taste. Not too much woodiness, just a little. It’s creamy buttery in the mouthfeel. Oh I do like this very much. 24/25

Finish: Very long and pleasant finish with hay tones and licorice…and then the finish turns into a kiwi fruitiness…oh I love that. 24/25
Balance: This extremely well balanced. At the first sniff you know this a stunner who grabs you in all its complexity. 24/25
Comments: It is a beautiful whisky. This is the reason we connoisseurs live for. Every once in a while a whisky is so outstanding and perfect it makes you smile all day long. This exactly what this Brora did for me.
Score: 96/100 points

Brora - 14th Release 37 Years Old Limited Edition 2015 50.4% 1977

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