Rosebank The Roses Edition 7 Enchantment 21 Years Old 50.3% NV

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Distileerderij Rosebank
Bottelaar Speciality Drinks Ltd
Serie The Roses Edition 7
Gebotteld voor
Gedistilleerd op Not Specified
Gebotteld 2023
Land Schotland
Streek Lowlands
Leeftijd 21
Cask Type Bourbon and Madeira Casks
Alcohol percentage 50.3
Inhoud 0,70
Conditie In Original Box
Etiket Perfect
Voorraad 3

Professionele reviews

BOW (93)

In the heart of the Lowlands, where the air is sweet and the roses bloom, Rosebank Distillery has unveiled a masterpiece—The Roses Edition 7: Enchantment. Aged for 21 years and bottled in 2023, this expression is a testament to the enchanting fusion of Bourbon and Madeira cask maturation. As the seventh edition in The Roses Series, Enchantment promises a captivating journey through the delicate balance of floral, fruity, and oak-infused notes.

The Roses Series Legacy:

The Roses Series by Rosebank Distillery is a collection that pays homage to the delicate beauty of the roses that surround the distillery. Each edition is a unique interpretation, and The Roses Edition 7: Enchantment stands out as an enchanting chapter in this illustrious series.

Cask Maturation:

What sets this edition apart is the dual maturation in Bourbon and Madeira casks. The marriage of these distinct influences creates a harmonious symphony of flavors. The Bourbon casks impart a vanilla sweetness and a hint of oak, while the Madeira casks contribute a layer of rich, fruity complexity. Together, they weave a tale of elegance and enchantment.

Strength and Bottling:

At a dignified 50.3% alcohol content, The Roses Edition 7 holds its own, inviting enthusiasts to experience the full spectrum of its intricate flavors. This proof ensures that the nuances developed over 21 years are presented with clarity and finesse, offering a well-rounded and immersive tasting experience.

A Symphony of Flavors:

Upon opening a bottle of The Roses Edition 7: Enchantment, one is greeted with a bouquet of aromas. Floral notes from the Rosebank spirit intertwine with the vanilla sweetness from the Bourbon casks. As the whisky dances on the palate, the Madeira influence introduces layers of dried fruits, creating a delightful interplay that enchants the senses.

Collector's Pride:

As part of The Roses Series, The Roses Edition 7 is not just a whisky; it is a collector's pride. The limited nature of the release ensures that each bottle is a rare and sought-after piece within the world of Scotch whisky enthusiasts and collectors alike.


Rosebank The Roses Edition 7 Enchantment is a sublime expression that captures the essence of the Lowlands distillery's heritage. The delicate balance between Bourbon and Madeira cask maturation creates a whisky that is both enchanting and memorable. For those fortunate enough to savor this edition, it is not just a drink; it is a journey through the enchanting landscapes of flavor and aroma crafted by the skillful hands of Rosebank Distillery.

Official tasting note ()

Enchantment is the seventh in a series of seven highly
sought-after Rosebank bottlings, released annually by Elixir
Distillers. It is a marriage of spirits distilled in both 1990
and 1991, matured in 75% American oak barrels and 25%
Madeira hogsheads.
The casks used for the Roses series were among the last held
by an independent company. Each bottling in the series
represents a different character of Rosebank, bringing
together casks with different styles to demonstrate this lost
distillery’s wonderful diversity.
Rosebank was mothballed in 1993 and the equipment was
stolen in 2009. The spirit produced at the distillery was
triple distilled, creating a light, floral style loved by many.
Rosebank has since become a cult favourite amongst whisky
lovers and collectors.

Tasting notes:
Initially you are greeted with honeydew melon and meadow flowers along
with cinnamon mixed with soft brown sugar. Over time this develops into
vanilla sponge batter and strawberry juice.
Rich vanilla sponge cake with a hint of aniseed and tarragon. It builds
with a luscious texture and flavours of strawberry jelly and cinnamon,
with ginger spice complementing a touch of fresh mint.
The floral and herbal notes create longevity,

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