Ardbeg Ardbog 10 Years Old 52.1% NV

4.1 sterren - 3 professionele reviews
€ 206,61 (excl. BTW)
250,00 (in. BTW)
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Distileerderij Ardbeg
Bottelaar OB
Serie Limited Edition
Gebotteld voor X
Gedistilleerd op NV
Gebotteld 2013
Land Schotland
Streek Islay
Leeftijd 10
Cask Type Ex-Bourbon Barrels & Manzanilla Sherry Butts
Vatnummer X
Alcohol percentage 52.1
Inhoud 0,70
Conditie In Original Container
Etiket Perfect

Professionele reviews

BOW (90)

Serge Valentin (84)

So a vatting of ten years old Ardbeg ex-bourbon (60%, I've heard) and ex-manzanilla sherry (I've heard 40%). Not sure it's cask strength, and not too sure the manzanilla wasn't simply a finishing. Remember manzanilla, which I love, is usually pretty extreme, bone dry sherry.

Colour: gold.

Nose: the very dry sherry is very obvious in this context, that is to say after the ‘X-fill’ versions that we just had. I’m sure it wouldn’t have been this loud, had I tried it ‘solo’. That translates into a combination of fresh walnuts, curry and probably curcuma, which is kind of funny, while the original distillate is a little shier. Having said that, the manzanilla makes it kind of more complex than the others, but also less ‘Ardbeg’. Whiffs of exhaust fumes and tar. With water: ginger liqueur, vanilla and sawdust. Some newish oak comes through.

Mouth (neat): the difference is even more striking on the palate. There is some lemon, a sootiness, grapefruits, kippers and such but also these walnuts, this curry again, notes of bitterish liquorice wood, some raw tobacco and something I’m not too fond of because that screams ‘newish oak!’, ginger. With water: indeed, it’s some pretty active oak that does most of the talking. Ginger, curry and other spices.

Finish: long, spicy, gingery. Cardamom powder, tannins, coffee beans, maybe hints of bacon.

Comments: while the previous ones were distillate-driven, this is rather oak-driven in comparison, and it’s not only the manzanilla that talks. It’s very good whisky – of course – but I still prefer Ardbeg au naturel, if I may say so.

Gal Granov (90)

Nose: Sweet toffee layered upon peat , ash and salted toffee. A bit herbal too. Ash. Sweet peat and earthy notes in addition to smoked ham and salted cashew nuts. Sweet savoury yet medicinal and earthy. Brilliant.

Palate : quite oily and big. Stars with salted nuts and almonds , toffee. Big peat notes with a hot cinnamon edge. A hint of apples and tons if ash, with a touch of sea brine.

Finish : long semi sweet semi bitter finish. Dark chocolate. Ash. Coffee.

Bottom line

This is one of the better Ardbegs I’ve had lately, and it’s slightly better than last year’s Ardbeg day in my opinion as well as Galileo. It’s yummy, and the combination of sweet and salty nuts and smoked meat is indeed lovely. I am confident it shall be a big success among Ardbeg (and peat) lovers.

Ardbog will be available on the Ardbeg site, and in Ardbeg Embassies all over the world

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