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Battle of Giants

Battle of Giants

Prices of Coche Dury and Domaine Leroy are getting higher and higher by the day. But if you're lucky, you may still have some wines in your cellar for the “old” prices.

Also, you need a group of good friends that are as crazy about wine as you are. Luckily we did. We tasted both Leroy and Coche Dury Corton Charlemagnes from the 2001 vintage. To summarize in one word: phenomenal!


Domaine Leroy Corton Charlemagne 2001: light yellow, a very clear wine. The bouquet contains chamomile, buttercup flowers, butter, some caramel. Complex and opens in about 2 minutes. A fat and creamy wine, perfectly balanced. What a joy !

Coche Dury Corton Charlemagne 2001: bright yellow with some golden edges. Very mineral bouquet, chalk, cereals. Getting better and better the first 10 minutes. Very elegant, still young, very powerful. A legend !


And the winner is… we should say both, but if we have to pick one, it will be the Coche Dury.

Leroy BOW 9+ Coche BOW 9.5


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