Damoiseau Papa Rouya Habitation Velier 62% 2022

5.0 sterren - 1 professionele reviews
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Distileerderij Distillerie Damoiseau (Le Moule)
Bottelaar Habitation Velier
Gebotteld voor
Gedistilleerd op 2022
Gebotteld 2022
Land Guadaloupe
Streek Guadeloupe
Cask Type Bourbon
Alcohol percentage 62
Inhoud 0,70
Conditie Perfect
Etiket Perfect
Voorraad 0

Professionele reviews

BOW (89)

• Papa Rouyo is a plot located in Le Moule Guadeloupe, the place is characterized by the clay-limestone soil of eastern Grande-Terre.

• The long fermentation and double distillation gives the rum an intense aromatic extraction.

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