Black Tot Last Consignment 54.3% NV

4.5 sterren - 2 professionele reviews
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Black Tot - Last Consignment 54.3% NV
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Distileerderij Black Tot
Bottelaar Specialty Drinks
Serie British Royal Naval Rum
Gebotteld voor
Gedistilleerd op Not Specified
Gebotteld 2010
Land British West Indies
Streek British West Indies
Cask Type
Alcohol percentage 54.3
Inhoud 0,70
Conditie In Original Wooden Box
Etiket Perfect

Professionele reviews

BOW (92)

Black Tot, A honorably day, the last day consignment dating July 31st 1970 when the last rum was issued to the sailors aboard of the British Royal Navy. A 300 year old naval tradition ended and black tot day was born.

Serge Valentin (89)

Colour: coffee. Nose: oh! Very ‘British rum’ indeed, so partly Jamaican, with the appropriate amount of tar, coal smoke, black olives, brine, chicken soup (must be the dunder pits), liquorice, heavy molasses, juicy prunes, moist cigars… But as we all know, very old spirits tend to converge, and indeed, we’re slowly getting closer to some old sherried Speysider, perhaps via the Demerara River. Soy sauce, Corinth raisins, more prunes, parsley, pipe tobacco… I was even about to mention old armagnac, but I guess that would be a little too French for the British Navy ;-). With water: the fine herbs and oils from the wood come to the front (pinesap, menthol) but the liquorice never gives up. There’s also a medicinal side, rather ala old Ardbeg than Laphroaig.
Mouth (neat): exceptional arrival, very tarry and extremely liquorice-y, thick yet dry, a little smoky, and ridden with all sorts of pipe tobaccos, from the most ‘golden’ to the blackest oriental blends. Very heavy, it reminds me of some old Wedderburns. Not exactly lace as we say here, but who needs lace when on board one of his/her majesty’s warships? With water: it’s the sugar cane that comes out, and it would come together with coffee and cassis eau-de-vie. BTW, great cassis eau-de-vie – not talking about liqueurs or creams - is not easy to find, but you may check Capovilla’s works (hint, hint). Finish: long, perhaps a notch drying but no surprises here, and with bags of oranges. I don’t know why, but it reminds me of some old Dalmores now, but I guess Dalmore was rather for the naval officers. Strong coffee in the aftertaste, ristretto style. Comments: heavy and thick rum, but there is a lightness to it and many subtleties, it just needs quite a lot of your time. But it’s worth it. And now, à l’abordage!

Black Tot - Last Consignment 54.3% NV

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