Mount Gay 9 Years Old Habitation Velier 2011 52.3% 2010

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122,82 (in. BTW)
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Distileerderij Mount Gay
Bottelaar Habitation Velier
Gebotteld voor
Gedistilleerd op 2010
Gebotteld 2020
Land Barbados
Streek Brandons, St. Michael
Leeftijd 9
Cask Type Bourbon Barrels
Alcohol percentage 68.5
Inhoud 0,75
Conditie Perfect
Etiket Perfect

This is the third Habitation Velier bottling from the famous Barbadian distillery, following Last Ward 2007 & 2009. Relative to its predecessors, this is the first bottling officially named after the Mount Gay distillery. An exclusive right that only the Habitation Velier series has. This rum has been distilled three times in double retort stills by ex-master distiller Frank Ward.

- Nose: Soft. marmalade, raisins, spices and notes of varnish.
- Taste: Intense. Almonds, sugared fruit, varnish, wood tones.
- Finish: Elegant and warm. Cherry stone, cocoa, medicinal notes.

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