Nucano Mezcal Nucano Espadin and Tobala 100% Agave 45.7% NV

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Distileerderij Don Carlos
Bottelaar OB
Serie Mezcal Nucano
Gebotteld voor X
Gedistilleerd op NV
Gebotteld 01.2018
Land Mexico
Streek Oaxaca
Leeftijd NV
Cask Type White Oak Barrels
Vatnummer NJET01-18
Alcohol percentage 45.7
Inhoud 0,70
Conditie Perfect
Etiket Perfect
Voorraad 2

Professionele reviews

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Nestled in the picturesque San Dionisio Ocotepec region of Oaxaca, Mezcal Nucano takes center stage as a 100% artisanal representation of the revered spirit. Originating from the ancestral lands of Oaxaca, Mezcal Nucano embodies meticulous craftsmanship and deep-rooted traditions.

The term "mezcal" finds its linguistic roots in Mexcalli Náhuatl, where "metl" symbolizes maguey, and "ixcalli" denotes cooked—a poetic nod to the artistry involved in crafting this renowned elixir. Mezcal Nucano proudly offers an authentic artisanal mezcal, a product of the devoted men of the field who work the land in its purest and most traditional form.

This unique and high-quality mezcal serves as a vessel of culture and tradition in every bottle, aiming to forge a connection between each customer and the origin of this ancestral libation. Mezcal Nucano becomes a tangible piece of Oaxaca, a testament to the rich heritage and artisanal dedication ingrained in every drop.

Nucano, known as "Great Fire," transcends being merely a name; it embodies the spirit of a brave Mixtec warrior entwined in the history of Oaxaca. Falling in love with the Zapotec Princess Donají, Nucano embarked on a quest for peace between two nations, governing the Zapotecs with the same nobility and respect that his beloved Donají would have embraced. Legend has it that their bodies rest beneath a flagstone in the Cuilapam de Guerrero church in Oaxaca.

Mezcal Nucano stands proudly as an emblem of Oaxacan pride, featuring expressions like Espadín and Tobala, both 100% Agave at 45.7%. These artisanal mezcals invite enthusiasts to embark on a journey through the essence of Oaxaca. Crafted with care and dedication, the Espadín and Tobala expressions showcase the rich diversity of agave and the nuanced flavors that define Oaxacan mezcal.

In each bottle of Mezcal Nucano Espadín and Tobala, enthusiasts are invited to savor the spirit of the land, the stories of Nucano and Donají, and the dedication of the men of the field. It's a proud representation of Oaxacan craftsmanship, inviting connoisseurs to immerse themselves in the flavors of tradition and culture with every sip. These expressions, at 45.7% alcohol by volume, capture the essence of the region, paying homage to the heritage and artistry that make Mezcal Nucano a revered name in the world of mezcal.

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