Prunier 47 Years Old Petite Champagne 10th anniversary Selection the Whisky Mercenary 58% 1974

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Distileerderij Prunier
Bottelaar OB
Serie The Whisky Mercenary 10th Anniversary
Gebotteld voor The Whsiky Mercenary
Gedistilleerd op 1974
Gebotteld 11.2021
Land Frankrijk
Streek Cognac
Leeftijd 47
Cask Type Eaurpean Oak Cask
Alcohol percentage 58
Inhoud 0,70
Conditie Perfect
Etiket Perfect
Voorraad 0

Professionele reviews

BOW (91)

Celebrating a Decade of Excellence: 47 Years Old Cognac Petite Champagne Selection for The Whisky Mercenary

The Whisky Mercenary, a distinguished Belgian premium distributor of whisky, rum, and cognac, proudly commemorates its 10th anniversary with a remarkable release: the 47 Years Old Cognac Petite Champagne Selection. Distilled in 1974 at Prunier, this exceptional cognac has been aged to perfection for nearly half a century. Bottled in November 2021, this limited-edition release showcases The Whisky Mercenary's commitment to sourcing and offering extraordinary spirits to discerning enthusiasts. Matured in European oak casks, this cognac promises a sensory journey that reflects the depth of time and expertise invested in its creation.

A Testimony of Time and Craftsmanship:

The 47 Years Old Cognac Petite Champagne Selection stands as a testament to the artistry and dedication of Prunier, a renowned cognac producer with a rich history. Distilled in 1974, this expression represents the pinnacle of patience and expertise, allowing the spirit to evolve and develop over decades. Each sip of this aged cognac is an invitation to embark on a journey through time, savouring the remarkable flavors and aromas that have developed during its extended maturation.

Matured in European Oak Casks:

The choice of maturation in European oak casks further enhances the character of this exquisite cognac. European oak imparts distinct flavors and nuances, contributing to its complexity and depth. The oak wood interacts with the spirit, infusing it with rich notes of spices, toasted oak, and subtle tannins, creating a multi-layered experience for the discerning palate.

Tasting Notes:

The 47 Years Old Cognac Petite Champagne Selection unveils a symphony of flavors and aromas that have harmoniously developed over time:

- Nose: Rich and inviting, with deep notes of dried fruits, honey, and a delicate touch of floral accents.

- Palate: An elegant and velvety texture gives way to a palate bursting with flavors of ripe plums, figs, dark chocolate, and subtle spices. The influence of the European oak brings forth notes of vanilla and hints of toasted oak, adding depth and complexity.

- Finish: The finish is long and satisfying, leaving a lingering warmth and traces of dried fruits and gentle spices.

The Whisky Mercenary's 10th Anniversary:

The release of this exceptional cognac marks a significant milestone for The Whisky Mercenary, as they celebrate their 10th anniversary. Known for their unwavering commitment to sourcing and offering premium spirits, The Whisky Mercenary has gained a reputation for their discerning palate and curated selection. This special selection of a 47-year-old cognac is a testament to their dedication and passion for sharing exceptional spirits with enthusiasts.


The 47 Years Old Cognac Petite Champagne Selection, bottled for The Whisky Mercenary's 10th Anniversary, is a masterpiece that reflects the profound craftsmanship and expertise of Prunier. This limited-edition release, matured in European oak casks, offers a rare opportunity to experience the refined and complex flavors that can only be achieved through the passage of time. As The Whisky Mercenary celebrates a decade of excellence, this remarkable cognac serves as a testament to their commitment to offering extraordinary spirits to connoisseurs worldwide. Raise a glass to toast their milestone and savor the moment with this exceptional 47-year-old cognac.

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