Decanter STAR NV Zieher

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Many decanters provide a fast but completely unbalanced development of wines because the wines develop only by a macro-oxidation on the surface. It’s more balanced and harmonic to implement the necessary oxygen in a very soft and gentle way. The filigree rays of the centric star animate the served wine to a very soft enhancement.

During the slewing the oxygen is mildly folded in and integrated into the wine. Thus the wine starts to develop on its own terms and not – as with other decanters – just on the surface. By using borosilicate glass as raw material for this decanter, which stands out by its extremely smooth surface, another highly pleasant effect is created: the aromatic molecules are not expelled from the wine but allowed to present themselves completely in the wine glass. The aerated wine becomes extremely balanced, carefully crafted and centered. An additional value which is simply priceless!“

Zieher - Decanter STAR NV

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