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Benromach Single Malt Whisky
Founded in the whisky boom’s final years, the Benromach Distillery, is one of the most small-scaled operating distilleries in Scotland. Benromach Single Malt Whisky is mostly known for its malty savours of chocolate, toffee and fruits with a little bitter character in the nose, much loved in the core-range Benromach 10 Years Old and the rare Benromach 1975 51 Years Old Single Cask.

The Benromach Distillery history holds a somewhat turbulent story, as it was shut down on multiple occasions and changed ownership several times. But despite all that, this Speyside distillery managed to survive all the setbacks and has dealt with it over time, maintained its productivity and continued its legacy throughout its history.

Established in the late 19th century by Duncan McCallum, the Benromach Distillery started to operate in 1900 but fell silent shortly after. The following years the Benromach Distillery would repeat this sequence of rise and fall for two of three occasions, and even was renamed as “Forres” for a short period of time. Finally, in 1938 the Benromach Distillery was acquired by Associated Scottish Distillers Ltd. and continued its production for a sustainable period of time. Oil fired stills where installed into the distillery’s stillhouse, by which the Benromach Distillery was the first to use this new source of energy.


Despite for all these positive developments, Benromach was shut down again in 1983 by its former owner Train & McIntyre Ltd, which on its turn was acquired by DCL (Diageo). Ultimately , the mothballed Benromach Distillery was purchased by Gordon & MacPhail in 1992, who managed to get the distillery back on track. The Benromach Distillery was officially reopened by Prince Charles of Wales in 1998.


On April 23rd in 2018, the Benromach Distillery celebrated its 20 year anniversary since the reopening in 1998, which off course was celebrated with a special release of the Benromach 20th Anniversary Bottling! And hopefully, many more anniversaries will follow in the legacy of Benromach.

Top wijnen in Benromach

DistilleerderijNaam Jaar l. SVA
Serge Valentin is een van de meest schrijvende whiskyliefhebbers en de voornaamste bron van whiskyrecensies. Serge gebruikt een schaal van 100 voor zijn beoordelingen.
Gal Granov wordt gezien als een van de actiefste van alle onafhankelijke whiskybloggers van dit moment, een rijzende ster in het whiskycircuit. Gal gebruikt een schaal van 100 voor zijn beoordelingen.
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Aantal flessen in voorraad
Prijs (incl. BTW)
Benromach • 1971 Connoisseurs Choice Old Map Label 40% 1971 0,70 90 1 € 537,19 € 650,00
Benromach • 50 Years Old 44.6% 1969 0,70 92 92 1 € 8.264,45 € 9.999,98
Benromach • Château Cissac Wine Casks Finish 45% 2006 0,70 6 € 38,00 € 45,98