Monymusk 14 Years Old Kintra for ALS muscle disease Charity 56.2% 2004

3.7 sterren - 2 professionele reviews
€ 57,50   - € 41,25 (excl. BTW)
49,91 (in. BTW)
Monymusk - 14 Years Old Kintra for ALS muscle disease Charity 56.2% 2004
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Distileerderij Monymusk
Bottelaar Kintra Spirits
Serie X
Gebotteld voor CHARTY FOR A.L.S
Gedistilleerd op 2004
Gebotteld 2018
Land Jamaica
Streek Monymusk Estate
Leeftijd 14
Cask Type X
Vatnummer X
Alcohol percentage 56.2
Inhoud 0,70
Conditie Perfect
Etiket Perfect

Professionele reviews

BOW (84)

There's a donation of €10,- for every bottle sold to the muscle disease ALS charity.

Serge Valentin (84)

A charity bottle, with 10€ donated to that very worthy cause with each purchase. Well done!

Colour: white wine.

Nose: in similar territories at first, but this one is lighter in style, less estery, rather on tropical fruits, bananas, and just cane juice. A touch of whacky varnish (not butyric though) and a pleasant freshness again. With water: could well be the distillery’s light continental style, but it has to be ex-pot still. Some nice whiffs of pear juice mixed with fennel seeds. Seems to work.

Mouth (neat): unusual, hot, with highly concentrated banana juice, then rather vegetables mixed with liquorice allsorts and some paraffin. I agree that’s a tad unlikely, but this is not an unpleasant feeling. With water: good, sweet and cane-y, always with these touches of varnish. There’s more brine as well, olives, a spoonful of ashes, rotting banana skin…

Finish: medium, on pretty much the same flavours.

Comments: I do prefer the brighter higher-ester style of the Mezan, but this one’s very good too. And it’s for a good cause, so theoretically worth 100 points.

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