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Macallan Edition No.2 48.2% NV

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Serie Limited Release
Gebotteld voor X
Distilled date Not Specified
Bottling date 2016
Land Schotland


Leeftijd NAS
Cask Type Sherry Butt, Hogshead & Sherry Puncheon
Cask Nummer X
Alcohol percentage 43
Inhoud 0,70
Conditie In Original Container
Voorraad 0
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  • Serge Valentin 87
A creative collaboration between Bob Dalgarno, our master whisky maker and the three Roca brothers, co-founders of El Cellar de Can Roca, twice named best restaurant in the world, Edition No.2 unites these four masters in one spirit.

The distinctive and dynamic character of Edition No.2 has been shaped not only by the use of seven exceptional oak cask types from four different bodegas but by the creative spirit of each of the four collaborators; combining flavours to reflect each of their distinctive personalities in the resulting whisky.

Drawn from European and American oak casks, this limited edition is a characterful single malt that showcases our extraordinary commitment to sourcing and selecting only the very best oak casks for The Macallan.

Note by Macallan

For the event Josep Roca commented;

“The Macallan has personality and character in its whisky, but there is a nice balance. The different oaks and barrels can be spicy, fruity or floral with varying intensities but always balance – which made each dish open to possibility,”

“Both worlds speak the same language. The main link comes from the aroma and flavors. Making whisky is an art itself; taste, smell, textures are all seen in The Macallan.”

For the creation of this expression each contributor has handpicked a cask;

*Joan Roca, head chef, picked 1st and 2nd fill Diego Martin casks for its rich green wood and toffee flavors.

*Jordi Roca, pastry chef went with 1st and 2nd fill Vasyma American Oak casks to include light vanilla and citrus notes.

*Joseph Roca, the sommelier, selected 1st fill Jose Miguel Martin casks with spicy ginger notes.

*Bob Dalgarno picked 1st fill Tevasa cask, which conveys dried fruit and sherry notes.

Master Distiller Bob Delgarno stated that;

“The collaboration embodies the spirit of The Macallan. Edition No.2 reflects the personalities of the Roca brothers and me, represented by our personal cask selection.”

The result was a unique master piece with warm and spicy, complex character. It is a whisky created by the uncompromising creative spirit of the four collaborators who came together to curate this special single malt.
Edition No.2 48.2%